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We are backed by 15 years of experience as an SEO agency in Mexico, working with a wide variety of types of websites from ecommerce websites to corporate and international sites. We also do SEO content writing, Youtube SEO, SEO online reputation and e-commerce SEO.

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Becoming your business partner

Our goal as an SEO agency is to turn your website into a sales channel. With our strategy, your website will be receiving much more traffic and consequently more prospects that will become your customers.

Scope of service

Keyword research

Keyword research to define the correct keywords to rank in search results. We turn the conclusions into a work plan improving your organic web ranking.

On Page optimization and technical SEO

Month by month we perform web site Audit, code optimizations such as meta tags, structure data, and herflangs. We also work on fixing 404 errors and optimizing download times and mobile usability.

Content creation, SEO copywriting and blog management

We plan and execute a personalized content strategy that adapts to your company´s goals to increase your website´s organic traffic.

Competitor Analysis

We constantly analyze the competition to implement improvements and optimize your site to adapt to Google’s changing algorithms.

Local SEO and SEO international strategy

We implement strategies for the geographical web ranking of your company. Whether it is a local or international business, for each case we have the knowledge.

Link Building

We create and execute a link building strategy to increase the authority of your site and improve its ranking in Google.

Platforms we use

Frequently asked questions

An SEO strategy is the key to building a friendly website for our target audience. By defining elements such as content, usability and technical aspects in a planned way, we are able to effectively impact a target market.

With other digital marketing techniques, the reach of your goals is maintained as long as you pay, unlike SEO, which gives you benefits that last for years.

To achieve good ranking in SERP, it is necessary to carry out an SEO strategy. It is necessary understanding how search engines work, which determine the order of results according to many factors, including the following:

• The relevance of the page to the search performed (if there is a match between the searched key word and the text that appears on the page).
• The user experience, for example, in mobile, can the content of the page be seen correctly or not, the web page speed, if the structure of the site is logical and the user can intuitively understand where to look for information within the page, etc.
• How recommended the website is by other pages.

To control the first two points, it is necessary to make sure that the web page is optimized in terms of code, structure, and texts. To control the third point, you must carry out a backlink strategy or link building. At SEO Simple we take care of these three points.

These are two Digital Marketing strategies for placing your website in the first places of the results in search engines such as Google or Yahoo! SEM refers to the paid results or ads that are obtained through a campaign paid to Google Ads. In this strategy, the owner of the web page pays Google for each click made on his ad. Once the budget paid to Google is used up, the ad and the page disappear from the top of search results returning to where it ranks organically in the index.SEO consists of knowing those factors that favor the ranking in the search engines to help the site rank well without having to pay anything to the search engine.

SEO is a strategy that makes the web page optimized in terms of code, speed, and structure. It is a process in which its result allows to increase the visibility of the web page in search engines in a natural way without having to pay to buy the place. Since web positioning, is a process which deals thoroughly with the site´s problems, the results will remain visible in the long term, even when the process with the web positioning agency ends. It can be said that it is an investment for the long term.

On the other hand, in PPC when the budget ends, the visibility in Google also ends, so you´d have to continue paying Google.

In addition, various studies carried out by digital marketing experts indicate that most users trust organic results more than paid ones, so investing in an SEO strategy is much more effective and lasting.

Search engines work under the same principles, so by making the changes and the SEO strategy mentioned above, we will obtain results in all engines. At SEO Simple we focus our SEO service on Google since it is the search engine that accounts for more than 80% of all web searches worldwide.

Our process begins by analyzing the current situation of the site (its level of optimization, its performance, the behavior of its visitors). The result of this analysis is reflected in an initial report that we generate in the first month of the process. At this stage we pretty much document the site´s performance before we start working on it. During the first month we also carry out keyword research to be able to decide together with the client, which would be the keywords which we will be focusing on for our strategy. And finally, also in the first month we generate an optimization report where we detail all the anomalies on the page that must be corrected (code, texts, images, structure, etc.). From the second month onwards, we carry out Link Building (link strategy) and optimization maintenance. Every month we will be delivering a monthly report that includes the current positions, data about the site´s traffic and details about the activities taken by us to be able to optimize the page.

The minimum SEO requires 12 months to show effective results, since it is necessary to prove to Google that the page deserves to be in the first places, not because it bought its place, but because of its quality, content, relevance, and authority, and this takes time. However, once the site is optimized and achieves significant web positioning, it will not drop as quickly from the organic position it reached. Unlike Google Ads, which as soon as the budget in the campaign runs out, the web page disappears from the first results lists.

The success of a SEO strategy cannot be 100% guaranteed as the process involves the history of the domain (if it has been penalized by Google before and what SEO practices it has used in the past; there are some that might´ve harmed you…), the server´s performance (speed, security) and it highly depends on the client´s cooperation to make changes to the page. Our Mexican SEO agency has proven success stories that we can present to you, but we do not give guarantees of results. Another SEO agency that offers you guarantees of results (for example, reaching the top 5 within 3 months) is because they only care about selling without thinking about the consequences or they are using black hat methods and, as such, they are putting the website at risk.

You are likely to consider leaving the SEO service once you have reached an acceptable place in the search results, even the so wanted first place. However, the nature of search engines is to update their algorithms frequently. And web pages that don’t adapt start to drop in rankings. Likewise, in specific very competitive branches, if you stop doing SEO maintenance, your competition will surpass you. Most of our clients continue with the SEO service even if they reach the first places, partly because they understand the need to always be aware, but on the other hand, because they recognize the added value of our services.  In any case, even if the client decides to stop hiring our SEO consulting services, if there is a drop in web ranking (a situation that does not always occur), it is not immediate, unless the client makes a change on the web page. It takes between 3 and 6 months to notice a drop (if it occurs). As an Mexican SEO agency we are very proud to mention that several clients who have reached the first results and stopped doing SEO, stayed in these first positions.

No. our SEO consulting includes also the planning and construction stage of the site. In this way, greater resources of time, money and work would be saved since the site would not have to be restructured.

We are a specialized Mexican SEO agency for more than 15 years, and one of the few companies in the market that carry out high-quality professional SEO. We work with many companies in Mexico and in the United States proving excellent results. Ask us about our success stories!

As an SEO agency we offer tailor-made packages. All our packages include Analysis (Keyword research, web page performance, competition analysis), on page optimization (code, text, and images), SEO content creating , Reports (Initial, optimization, monthly). The difference between the packages is in the additional services that we offer such as PPC campaigns, Facebook Ads, etc. Request a quote to receive the breakdown of each package.

In addition to being a Mexican SEO agency, we also offer Ads campaign management (including Google Shooping & Youtube ads), social media management (including Facebook ads, Instagram ads & Linkedin ads), web design and development, web site maintenance, analytics setup and reporting and online reputation management in search engines. We offer different packages. The largest includes all services.